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About The Manigault Institute
Choosing the right SAT Prep Course should be one of the most important educational decisions you make.  You deserve a course with ----

*  An outstanding track record
*  A strong math, critical reading, and grammar program
*  A team of superior teachers who care about you
*  Graduates who have increased their scores by 100, 200, 300 or more points.

We offer you all of the above.  We offer 39 hours of comprehensive instruction designed to move you beyond the competition!

Our SAT Prep Course consists of 39-hours of comprehensive instruction designed to meet the demands of the NEW SAT. Our English instruction will focus on grammar and usage as well as crucial reading techniques and strategies for single and dual reading comprehension passages. 

In English special attention will be given to ----

*  Vocabulary in context and grammar
*  Critical reading and reasoning questions
*  Essay writing

In mathematics there will be intense coverage of ----

 Algebra I and algebra II 
 Geometry and trigonometry
*  Multiple-step/multiple-concept questions 
 Formatting techniques
*  Complex math questions solved with and without a calculator

 In-class practice and scrutinized homework from a variety of sources give our course its definition and strength.   

When we taught our first prep course in 1976 many educators assumed that no prep course could make a substantial difference in a student's performance.  The dramatic increases of many of our students have been instrumental in dispelling that notion. Recently, we have seen our most outstanding students score as high as 2370 on the SAT, and six of our students have achieved a score of 800 on one or more sections of the SAT.

As professional educators we have identified a relationship between a student's learning style and his/her success on the SAT.  Years of experience have convinced us that the aggressive learners make the largest increases in our SAT program. Consequently, motivating students to become aggressive (as opposed to passive) learners is one of our program's main objectives.

Another objective of our SAT program is to raise a student's level of commitment.  We consider a true commitment to excellence essential to true success in any educational program.  In addition we recognize that every student has much more ability than he/she demonstrates at any given time.  We know that with the proper motivation, learning techniques, and test-taking strategies students will demonstrate more of their potential.

Our SAT program contains some interesting features.  In conjunction with our desire for each student to have every opportunity for success we have included the following components:  a pre-study packet is sent to students who register early.  This material gives students tips for comprehensive preparation before the program begins.  Day one of our 39-hour program contains a one-hour student orientation.  This introduction helps the student focus on developing personal success.  Additionally, a parent orientation is held featuring insights into the new SAT. Suggestions will be made to help parents give their children extra support during this critical time, and to better understand the college admissions process. We hope you will take advantage of our outstanding program.


Dates for the prep for the MAY SAT:  March 10, 17, 24, April 14, 21, 28 (All Saturdays).
Times: 8 am - 2: 30 pm 
Location: 400 Corporate Drive, Stafford, Virginia
Tuition:  $695.  
Registration is now in progress.  Please call us for a free telephone consultation or write us for a brochure. 

We also will offer a one-on-one option for the spring of 2018.
One-on-one preparation for the SAT or ACT is $1600 for twelve 90-minute sessions and includes all materials.              One-on-one preparation is most successful when the preparation begins well in advance of the test.

Note:  The one-on-one SAT/ACT options are most beneficial if a student is a self-starter or aggressive learner and willing to maintain a consistent schedule.  Please call us directly to discuss these options or to set up a schedule. (Payment may be made by credit card on this site (all credit card payments go through PayPal), or in two payments with a brochure.

We are proud to say that we offer world class instruction in all of our courses and tutorials.


I just wanted to thank you once again for helping my son Brennan with his SAT preparation in 2010.  He went on to attend the University of Notre Dame and just graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering ...We could not have done it without you.  Thank you kindly.  
Mrs. K.P. 

I am reaching out to you to inform you of the scores on the SAT I took on May 2, 2015.  My combined score is now 2220 with a 780 in math, 770 in reading, and 660 in writing ...Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals and raise my score by 180 points.  
Sincerely, Rex S.

The Manigault Institute was the difference between being a possible candidate for the colleges I was interested in and being a competitive applicant.  After taking the 6-week one-on-one tutoring sessions and completing the homework assignments, I scored a 700 Math and 750 Critical Reading.  This was a huge improvement as I originally scored 650 on both of the main tests.  Not only did Mrs. Manigault provide me with the strategies and knowledge necessary to score in the 700 range, but she empowered me with a confidence in myself and the knowledge that was already present.  I cannot help but encourage my fellow high school students to take advantage of the wonderful program The Manigault Institute has in place.  Due to the help I received, I have many more opportunities to succeed in my future.  Thank you so much!
Colleen W.  

To Register:  Press Buy Now below to pay by credit card for the group course or one-on-one SAT/ACT courses.  (All online payments go through Pay Pal).  Please include your child's name and school in the slot provided.  Payment may also be made by check.  To pay by check request and mail in the registration form, a deposit of $295, (which will reserve a space in the group course), or pay the full amount.  If you pay the deposit, the balance will be due on the first day of the class.  Be sure to indicate on either form the course for which you are registering.