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     in the rainforest of Puerto Viejo.  To learn more please visit our sponsor See the Art-Mindfulness Retreat page for complete information for the fall retreat. (Please note that all arrangements are made through  But travel to Costa Rica is the responsibility of each traveler. Southwest Airlines is highly recommended for its optimal credit packages.)  
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LEGACIES is a one-day transformational writing and healthful eating workshop --- for women only!  It is the brainchild of Sandra Manigault, author of Fragments of a Woman's Life - The Book for Math Empowerment, and The Children's Book for Math Empowerment.  Believing that every woman has a book in her, Sandra has chosen to make the writing of that book enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.  Having overcome the matter of "no time to write" and "writer's block," Sandra has created a workshop that empowers each woman to create more easily on paper.  In addition to creating an inspiring and beautiful experience for the participants, Sandra also has added the critical feature of what healthful eating really means. Some of the topics to be discussed here are 1) How the food industry has changed; 2) Why we sometimes cannot stop eating;  3) The main ingredients to avoid at all costs; 4) Veganism, vegetarianism, and other options; 5) Organic foods and why eating organic is ​important for your health and the health of your family.

If you want to write a book, or if you just want to live a healthier lifestyle, then this workshop is for you. You may host a "Legacies" workshop for your book club, church, sorority, or just a group of friends.  As the host you get to attend for free! Please email us to get additional information, a more extensive outline, details about availability and/or adaptability of the workshop format. Group rates are available.  Feel free also to email Sandra at 

If your organization is seeking a dynamic and transformative presenter for your special event, consider Sandra Manigault.  She has been featured in multiple venues including  The Women's Forum of Fredericksburg, VA, Teaching for a Change in Vail, CO, Jack and Jill of Northern Virginia,  The Chantilly Pyramid of Centreville, VA, and many, many others.

PARENT WORKSHOP:  "The Buck Starts Here"  

This is a workshop for parents who want to have extraordinary children​ who excel at all levels. Although creating exceptional and successful students is a joint responsibility, we believe that  the "buck" starts with the parent.  Special guest presenter, Rhonda Lyle, will share her expertise and personal experiences with you. She is a working parent with three remarkable and outstanding young adult children whose resumes would be the envy of many adults.  Also featured in this workshop are Donald and Sandra Manigault, the founders of The Manigault Institute. They have taught thousands of students, been conference facilitators, keynote speakers, and mentors to  many parents.  They will reveal how your children can better achieve academic excellence. Find out what you need to know about the changes to the SAT and whether the ACT would be a better fit for your child. "The Buck Starts Here" will be of phenomenal benefit to parents of children of all ages.  Please call or write us to discuss hosting this transformative 2-hour workshop for your church or organization.  (The group rate is featured on our store page.) 

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Art and Writing Retreats

Have you ever wanted to go to beautiful Costa Rica?  Now you have both the opportunity to visit this enchanting country AND engage your passion for writing and art.  You will write with Sandra high above the hills overlooking the city of Excazu, and paint with Donald