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Avoiding drama in the math classroom is everyone's responsibility  --- the student's, the parent's, the teacher's and the tutor's.  When students come to The Manigault Institute we teach them not only subject matter, but additionally how to learn math.
Algebra I, II, III
Algebra is the basis of all math and science.  Teaching this critical subject well is our specialty.  All of our tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis. 

Geometry 's challenge is one of learning a visual subject that is paired with logic.  We teach this with expertise and patience. It can be easier than you think! 

Elementary math and up
We tutor mathematics from arithmetic through math analysis, and encourage you to get help for your child at the first sign of difficulty.  Math always has been the subject that causes the most drama in an academic career.  It does not have to be so, but issues need to be addressed early on. Consider also obtaining Sandra Manigault's book, The Children's Book for Math Empowerment, so your child may understand the psychology of learning math at an early age.  For a free copy of our published article "Raising Math-Savvy/Test-Savvy Children"  call  or email us. 

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Every parent wants to have children who are successful on the SAT or ACT.  Whenever a student is unable to take our group course, we recommend our one-on-one option.  This option affords one the opportunity for personalized  instruction which is very beneficial for many students.  Keep in mind that both the SAT and ACT  require specific academic knowledge. This means  an understanding of both grammar and sentence structure, algebra and geometry theory, and strong reading skills  acquired over time.  For this reason we recommend that students begin as soon as possible to acquire the strongest possible academic background, and begin the SAT/ACT  preparation process early. 

Interested in one-on-one instruction for the SAT or ACT this fall?  Email us!